mugen_majo (mugen_majo) wrote,

12.24.09 Chirstmas Eve

New Discovery: TinierMe

I think I have heard my friends talking about this site. And basically its like a online community where your avatar is this CUTE little chibi<3 This site has some of the best collections for avatar clothing! Then again what do you expect from a Japan-Origin site. Its like the Japan version of Cyworld.

muhaha got the name noraneko~

My Status:

With limited access to the internet life has been... BORING!
I gave up on catching up on IRIS and hesitant in catching up in 미남이시내요

Caught up with japanese drama though: Tokyo Dogs, Samurai Highschool (too bad no one is subbing and uploading these days), Guests of Room 0, Real Clothes
Caught up with all of my shoujo mangas~ yayyyy but Skipbeat is seriously such a tease.... And I'm giving up on Perfect Girl Revolution X_X
Tags: tinierme
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