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random: ウサギの物語 11.11.09

やっと、LJアカウントを作りました (^o^)V
もう三度目の だけどね。。。

(\3/) mannn I would love to speak like mochizuki! sooo jealousssss!!!

Miura Haruma<3
Hes so adorable and he just has the perfect voice for the role.
This is the guy who came out in Gokusen 3 +sp, Galileo ep. Zero, Binbo Danshi, 14sai no haha, Unfair, Crows Zero II, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge, and Koizora the movie. He is in jpop band called Brash brats, and no he is not from johnnys... atleast from what I know...

Oh and Shirota Yu is in this but his character is super dorky
Shirota Yu: from hanazakari no kimitachi e, and Prince of Tennis the movie

Main reason to watch this:
See Miura Haruma turn into a かっこ好い samurai (>.<)

Listen to what I listen to:
School food punishment: sea-through communication

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