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About this journal
A dream that lasted a lifetime

時計じかけの ラブソング好きさ
君が居ればいい 何も要らない

大切なSTEPさ その未来への

December 2009
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mugen_majo [userpic]

New Discovery: TinierMe

I think I have heard my friends talking about this site. And basically its like a online community where your avatar is this CUTE little chibi<3 This site has some of the best collections for avatar clothing! Then again what do you expect from a Japan-Origin site. Its like the Japan version of Cyworld.

muhaha got the name noraneko~

My Status:

With limited access to the internet life has been... BORING!
I gave up on catching up on IRIS and hesitant in catching up in 미남이시내요

Caught up with japanese drama though: Tokyo Dogs, Samurai Highschool (too bad no one is subbing and uploading these days), Guests of Room 0, Real Clothes
Caught up with all of my shoujo mangas~ yayyyy but Skipbeat is seriously such a tease.... And I'm giving up on Perfect Girl Revolution X_X

mugen_majo [userpic]

no internet connection for a month....

mugen_majo [userpic]

미남이시네요 (you are a beautiful boy) - still continuing, at 13 episodes right now

Yah the new coffee prince drama~ But skip the first 3 episodes, read the summary somewhere, then it gets good >_<;
A girl/ former nun dresses up as a boy to become part of the number one idol singer group called A.N.JELL
lol shoujo manga anyone?
As long as you get over the first 3 episodes the main characters are so adorable!!! totally worth watching atleast once
For many people who are tired of the seriousness of the IRIS (another popular korean drama) "You Are Beautiful" has been the comedy/romance relief

“You’re Beautiful” OST is FREA popular in korea right now
Though I love Hongki's version of some of the songs, I prefer the A.N.JELL version

- Youre Beautiful
- Liar Game season 2
- Tokyo Dogs
- real clothes
- ohitorisama
- samurai highschool
- guests of room 0

pending/ taking a break from
-My Girl (Aiba)
-shokojo seira
-momo love

mugen_majo [userpic]

1) Daigo/ Breakerz: koi no battle- love fighter
chorus addiction!!! it has a bit of koi no abo essence

2) Big bang: Koe of kikasete
big bang is doing pretty good in japan, helping me cope with the whole dbsk issues better. Darn you SM!!!

3) Ken Hirai: Boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru
hirai... too much trauma from your last song's mv so, I'll avoid you for a while XD

4) Kinki kids: swan song

5) Tsukiakari No Michishirube - Stereopony
I like daidaiiro from the single

6) Ghost Heart - LM.C

7) Kanashimi Wa Kitto - UVERworld

9) Mika Nakashima- nagareboshi
reminds me of her old songs like Yuki no Hana

10) Kana Nishino- Motto...
something new?

11) News Color Album (ウサギアドベンチャー

12) arashi- my girl single

13) Masami Okui feat. May'n - Miracle. Upper-WL

14) May'n - Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare

15) May'n / Sheryl Nome: Baby pink Monsoon

16) Fripside- only my rail gun

17) school food punishment - sea-through communication

mugen_majo [userpic]

its leaking here and there lol
I was on boycott but I heard jaebum is going to come back~
thank you kangin for making jaebums myspace entries look so modest hahha
yah the whole myspace deal is really ridiculous
on the other hand, I want to support you kangin but.... why do you keep on making trouble?

ウサギ’s picks on 2pm album songs (mediafire):

Tired of waiting
Was crazy about you


MC mong: 나란 남자 (Feat. Maybee)

Current Music: 2pm's heartbeat
mugen_majo [userpic]

やっと、LJアカウントを作りました (^o^)V
もう三度目の だけどね。。。

(\3/) mannn I would love to speak like mochizuki! sooo jealousssss!!!

Miura Haruma<3
Hes so adorable and he just has the perfect voice for the role.
This is the guy who came out in Gokusen 3 +sp, Galileo ep. Zero, Binbo Danshi, 14sai no haha, Unfair, Crows Zero II, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge, and Koizora the movie. He is in jpop band called Brash brats, and no he is not from johnnys... atleast from what I know...

Oh and Shirota Yu is in this but his character is super dorky
Shirota Yu: from hanazakari no kimitachi e, and Prince of Tennis the movie

Main reason to watch this:
See Miura Haruma turn into a かっこ好い samurai (>.<)

Listen to what I listen to:
School food punishment: sea-through communication

Current Music: School food punishment: sea-through communication
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